How Pilates can work for you

As you may already know Pilates is an excellent work out opportunity generally done in “mat” fashion that allows you to strengthen your muscles while working your body in a fashion that you can handle. This is perhaps the best thing about Pilates. The versatile nature of the program allows every person to suit the program to their specific needs. This also means that Pilates has the chance to help more people – including you!

The more people learn about Pilates the more people are migrating towards this form of exercise. Pilates manages to help a number of people in various forms of strengths and ailments.

It is currently been proven that Pilates will help with the following areas.

o       Back pain

o       Posture issues

o       Abdomen issues (strength or weight loss issues)

o       Trunk issues (the upper half of your body)

o       Problems with body alignment

o       Pain reduction in all above areas

Working the Pilates program has been known to help weakness in these particular areas as well.

These areas are in charge of posture, bone alignment and general well being (since your spine is in this region and connects to nearly every other part of your body). This means in working the areas and muscles you will learn to train in the Pilates program that despite not having to overwork yourself you are actually promoting wonderful overall health!

Pilates is important because thanks to modern day conveniences most people work out very little if at all. These exercises were designed to work with your body the way it is and make it better. You don’t need to be a size six, nor do you need to be in perfect health. These things will improve as you work the program and that makes this program 100% unique in nature.

If your body is getting little to no exercise working, Pilates will allow you to maintain flexibility and tone in your muscles. You may end up finding this is all you need to make a difference in your health and mental stability.

Some Pilate’s enthusiasts assume that your primary goal should be to strengthen your abdominal area. This is true, however Pilates does not limit your strength and muscle formation to just one area. Pilates makes sure that your whole body has a work out not just your abdomen.

Pilates works to help you with the following things:

o       Coordination

o       Breathing

o       Muscle strengthening

o       Mobility issues

o       Concentration and focus

o       Mental centering

All of these things can be worked on through Pilates and as your workouts are formed and completed you will grow into a new person both physically and mentally!


Featured Instructor Shannon Beaty has been practicing Pilates for over 10 years, and has been a Pilates instructor for over 6 years. She teaches at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles and oversees their entire Pilates Program. All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this article. The copyright and this resource box must be included.


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Pilates exercise and you