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Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

  Reason one: In several major cities throughout the United States and Europe, Pilates has gained immense popularity among professional dancers, Broadway stars and movie celebrities. Even many of today's hard-core exercise enthusiasts are putting away their steps and Nikes in search of something new. Although still relatively new to the world of fitness, Pilates has been around for over 70 years.

  Reason two: Celebrities like Madonna, Vanessa Williams and Sharon Stone rave about the benefits of Pilates. The Pilates method seems to be most popular with men and women who are tired of hot, sweaty workouts that seem to bring little or no results. Many former aerobic dance enthusiasts say that Pilates has done much more to help change their appearance than any other program.

  Reason three: Many students of Pilates claim they feel rejuvenated and refreshed after a session instead of drained and exhausted as with most other exercise methods.

News Flash! Eagle's quarterback Donavan McNabb said on national TV that he practices Pilates!
                                                                      (obviously it's not just for girls)

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive with the Pilates Power System:

  Enhances Fitness

 Versatility and adaptability are the key components to the effectiveness and success of the Pilates conditioning system. This progressive approach to fitness works for every one, regardless of age, fitness level or background.

  Improves Posture

 Good posture is one of the simplest things each of us can do to help our backs stay healthy and pain-free. The Pilates Power System can prevent muscle pain, stiffness, and tension as well as backaches, pain, and injury.

  Cures ailments and other health benefits of Pilates

 The beauty of The Pilates Power System is that it not only increases one’s core strength but helps in curing many common ailments in the human body.

  Helps Rehabilitation

 As both a rehabilitation and wellness program, Pilates provides a valuable complement to Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and many other therapeutic or physical fitness systems.

  Relieves Stress

 The Pilates Power System can help relieve the anxiety and tension common among people in high-pressure jobs and difficult life circumstances, possibly diminishing the factors that increase the risk of heart attack.

  Improves Sports conditioning

 The Pilates Power System is a progressive approach to sports conditioning that works on enhancing the athlete's technique and overall performance through skill specific training, also reducing the potential risk of injury.

  Improves Dance conditioning

 The Pilates Power System's very principles such as flow and flexibility are of immense importance for any form of dance.

  Improves fitness for older people

 The Pilates Power System is ideal for older adults and physically challenged persons desiring to improve their general fitness, mobility and confidence. It helps in slowing down the aging process by improving mobility of the spine and joints.

  Pilates for Pregnancy

 Pilates can be very beneficial during pregnancy as well as after birth. During the course of pregnancy, the Pilates program helps your body to make the adjustments required by the baby. After delivery, Pilates facilitates a speedy recovery and return to your pre-pregnancy state of well being.

  Other Health benefits

 Pilates exercises make the heart muscle stronger, Hypertension has been shown to be lowered by Pilates & HDL (Good cholesterol) levels are said to be increased.

     The Pilates Power System gives you the history of Pilates and teaches you everything necessary to safely begin the system at the "Beginner's Program" while measuring your progress through to "The Core Program" and maintaining your new body with "The Advanced Program".

* And it's completely illustrated in full color with hundreds of step by step photos!

It's like buying 3 books and only paying for one!

It even provides some "Optional Programs" and also gives you information on how to become a Pilates Instructor yourself, if you choose.

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Your Pilates Power System ebook is simply... Powerful!

You've included photos for each of the movements in different steps leaving none of us guessing "What do I do next...?" Adding all those 'Points to Remember' and 'How to do the exercise' tips (plus the pics) one simply can't go wrong with this program!

Everyone reading this really owes it to themselves to grab their copy and start doing these exercises...

You don't need any special equipment and you really can do these exercises anywhere!

From warm ups to core exercises to warm downs Pilates Power System has it all. It is a complete resource for those curious about Pilates and for the hardcore user.

Plus, us guys don't have to think Pilates is only for the women!

Thanks & God Bless,
Yoon Ho Um


"Pilates is an ideal exercise system for sports people. It establishes a strong (postural) base, from which they can develop their sporting technique more safely and efficiently. If only more of them started it before, rather than after they get injured!"

Dr. Charlotte Cowie, MBBS, D Sport Med., DM-S Med., MRO (Doctor, sports physician, Chief Medical Officer Team Great Britain Holding Camp, Sydney 2000 Olympics)


"The advanced exercises were some of the toughest exercises I have ever done and I've done every fitness workout imaginable. These stretches and exercises are still in my weekly workout routine."

Pat Cash (former Wimbledon Singles Tennis Champion)


"After persistent back problems earlier in the year I found Pilates exercises, in conjunction with sound orthopedic advice, to have been enormously beneficial. The exercises are now a daily routine for me and I am sure that they are, in a large way responsible for me being able to continue my cricketing career"

Mike Atherton (former cricketer) 


"Some patients referred to Pilates exercise never need further regular treatment, and many only begin to maintain improvement once they take up Pilates"

Piers Chandler, DO Osteopath 

"Recent Review by: Christina Lydon
Vice President, Boston Pilates Group.
Pilates Instructor for 13 years"

     As a Pilates instructor, I've no doubts that Pilates is one of the most amazing exercise that a person can do. I've seen all my students benefit from doing Pilates even once a week. Whether it is back pain, digestion problems, or even relieving the stress of everyday life, Pilates is always helpful to them.

   I've always been upset over the fact that there are many low quality programs on Pilates being sold everywhere. The person who teaches Pilates must be an Experienced guide herself. Only then can you benefit from their Instructions. I'm glad to say Shannon Beaty has done a really nice job in her Pilates Power system.

It has simple and easy to follow instructions in each section of the program, complete with clear, illustrative pictures of her own. This make both the beginner and advance practitioners able to learn at an amazing rate.

         Getting this program would be a good idea if you want to save thousands of dollars on Pilates lessons while saving the Hassle and worry of looking for a qualified instructor.

Review by: Christina Lydon
Vice President, Boston Pilates Group. Pilates Instructor for 13 years


  You can buy other Pilates instruction products now, and wait up to 8 weeks for delivery, or order The Pilates Power System and download it immediately!

  Other Pilates books only give you the basics of the exercise but The Pilates Power System gives you the history of Pilates, the basic principles of Pilates, the benefits, the evolution of Pilates, the uniqueness of the Pilates exercise program, the advantages of Pilates, the Pilates’ attitude towards life, how to exercise effectively, the key elements of the Pilates program and the Do’s, and the Don’ts of the Pilates system.

  Many instructors have only been involved with Pilates for a short time, but our instructor has been practicing Pilates for over 10 years! She provides you with everything you'll  need to know about the Pilates program and how to achieve a new and better body!

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

Here's an example of what you would pay a studio instructor to teach you a Pilates exercise program:

Studio Rates:
1 session -     25.00
5 sessions -    90.00
10 sessions - 150.00
20 sessions - 260.00

Personal One-on-One Training:
1 session -      110.00
10 sessions -   900.00
20 sessions - 1,675.00
40 sessions - 3,200.00

  Then after you begin your lessons, you'll be expected to purchase additional equipment from the studio that may be necessary to continue their program.

  Their costs can be mind boggling!

 In summary, here's what you get with The Pilates Power System:

  • The Importance of Fitness and Exercise
  • The Basics of Pilates
  • Defining Pilates
  • The Evolution of Pilates
  • The Uniqueness of the Pilates exercise program
  • The Advantages of Pilates
  • The Pilates’ attitude towards life
  • The Basic principles of Pilates
  • Exercising Pilates effectively
  • Key elements of the Pilates program
  • The "Do’s and Don’ts"
  • Is Pilates right for you?
  • Warm Up
  • The Beginner’s Program
  • Measuring your progress
  • The Core Program
  • Comparing Pilates with Yoga
  • Measuring your progress
  • Advanced Program
  • The Optional Program
  • Curing ailments and other health benefits of Pilates
  • Popularity of Pilates
  • Testimonials
  • Becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Other Resources

    AND...You have a full 60 Days to use the instructions and if you don't like it for any reason at all, we'll refund ALL of your money, no questions asked!

If you respond right away, you pay only 39.95 $19.97
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